Covering Yourself can be Feminist

By Nur Yazid – 18.5.19

The recent investigation of three Malaysian women who held a conference discussing Women’s right to stop wearing hijab by the Islamic authorities should be a warning sign that the authorities are keeping an eye on any personal or religious decision we make in this country.

There is a known feminist discussion about whether women wearing Hijab can be feminists. In my mind the objective of feminism is to provide women with all possible options, to adopt any way of living the wish to have, whether they are CEOs or housewives, secular or religious. Women’s decisions should not be affected by their gender.

The decision whether to cover yourself or not is personal. If you feel like it might make you empowered and confidence, do it. I encourage all of you who are Muslims, to ponder upon the idea of a veil, and realize what are the motives for you to wear them – whether it’s peer pressure, respect to your family or your wish to control what is seen and what is covered. If you know within you that the reason for covering is personal, nothing can shake you.