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The Ethical Feminist Family

We Must Focus on the Root Cause of Baby Dumping

A total of 1,010 cases of baby dumping have been recorded from 2010 to May 2019. Sixty-four percent of those babies were found too late to be saved…

Mutilating women for the sake of Islam

Muslim women in Malaysia, such as myself, are being mutilated at a young age, allowing men to dominate our sexuality and definition as women, creating suffer and agony to young girls for the….

Covering Yourself can be Feminist

The recent investigation of three Malaysian women who held a conference discussing Women’s right to stop wearing hijab by the Islamic authorities should be a warning sign that the…

Being a Female businesswoman

I am a a proud mother of three beautiful kids, a loving wife and a small business owner. But as much as I am respected by my community and the Malaysian society for my achievements on…

The Men of Malaysia Must Be Educated

You know that there is something seriously flawed in your country’s system when an MP from the ruling party suggests a ‘Sexual Harassment’ act aimed to protect those men that commit sex crimes due to being “seduced” by the actions or clothing of women…

Silencing Our Pain – Rape and Sexual Assaults in Malaysia

Last year I started working as a part time secretary in an accountant office in KL. The schedule suited my classes in the University, the payment was ok and the people seemed…

Muslim Daughters

Bringing Up Daughters in A Country That Allows Rape

Malaysia, despite being quite modern in many other fields, still regards marital rape as legal. I find it increasingly difficult to justify raising my daughters in a place which does not put women’s safety on its list of priorities…